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Heated Socks FAQs

Are heated socks safe?

Yes. Gobi Heat® uses a steel fiber technology to deliver heat throughout our heated socks. Steel fiber is a cut-resistant e-textile which helps keep toes safer than other heating e-textiles. Given the nature of the steel, is a corrosion-resistant option for longer lasting heating elements.

Are heated socks any good?

Like anything, how good a product really depends on the materials and care used by the brand making them. Compared to traditional socks, Gobi Heat® heated socks are designed with the highest quality materials to keep your feet warmer for longer. Plus, our heated socks are easy to use with a keychain remote you can keep in your jacket pocket to turn the heat on, up, down, or off without hassle.


Winter Socks

No one likes getting cold feet (literally and figuratively speaking). Never get cold feet again when you’re wearing Gobi Heat® battery heated socks, the best heated socks in the industry. With up to 12 hours of battery life on low heat, three heat settings (low, medium, high), and remote control for wireless temperature change, you’ll be dancing in the snow with the warmest toes on the block. These heated socks are the real deal! Gobi Heat® Tread heated socks come with a battery and charger, but we recommend having a backup battery ready to go for those days when you just don’t want to come inside! Focused heat zones beneath the toes allow heat to rise throughout your boot or shoe. Our battery heated socks are machine washable and come with a one year warranty, just in case anything goes wrong. Steel fiber heating for instant heating power will have you telling all your friends about the best heated socks you’ve ever owned.