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Why Stacy Hearn Loves Gobi Heat

Why Stacy Hearn Loves Gobi Heat - Gobi Heat

Whether she’s out for a walk with her partner and bulldogs, sharing adorable photos of them on Instagram or donating her time to help her favorite bulldog rescue, Stacy Hearn does it in style and warmth in Gobi Heat® heated apparel. We had a virtual sit down with Stacy to find out why she loves Gobi Heat® heated apparel and what heated apparel items she thinks everyone should own. Let’s dive in!

 Stacy Hearn

Stacy Hearn | IG: @_darlin_clementine


Please tell us about yourself

My name is Stacey Hearn. I live in Maryland with my partner, Dan, and our 3 bulldogs, Clementine, Magnolia and Mac. I am a huge advocate for rescue. My passion is helping this breed, educating people about the needs of this breed and trying to raise funds for our favorite rescue, Bullies2therescue, where we adopted Mags and Mac. We do this through our Instagram account @_darlin_clementine. I truly love helping people and making them smile with our posts!


What do you love about Gobi Heat?

I love that not only are the products warm, they are stylish and really well made.


What activity/activities do you use your Gobi Heat product(s) for?

Well right now, with the state of our world, I wear it to walk my dogs and on the go.


What is/are your favorite/most used Gobi Heat product(s)?

I love my beanie and my Arcadia parka!


Where is/are Gobi Heat product(s) most needed?

Next time I’m in NYC in the winter! I will be so much more comfortable.


Have you bought any Gobi Heat products as gifts for friends/family? If so, which ones?

My mom bought my stepdad a beanie!


What is the coldest temperature you have been in with your Gobi Heat product?

So far the 50s. It hasn’t gotten really cold yet in Maryland, but it will soon!


What Gobi Heat product do you think everyone should have?

Definitely a beanie! Everyone loves a beanie and keeping your head warm helps keep the rest of you feel warm!


No matter if you’re a dedicated rescue supporter, adventure seeker or a chauffeur to the kids, Gobi Heat® has the heated apparel to keep you going in warmth and style for hours on end. Take it from Stacy, who raves about her Arcadia Heated Jacket, and thinks everyone should own a Heated Beanie. Or, take it from one of our hundreds of other happy customers who go out into the world ready to take on the day in the industry leading heated apparel that truly performs.


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