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Why Heated Apparel Comes In Handy Any Time Of Year

Why Heated Apparel Comes In Handy Any Time Of Year - Gobi Heat

Heated apparel can bring a lot of joy to cold winter months, but what’s often overlooked is that heated apparel can be utilized throughout the year. Before you pack away your heated gear, consider some of these ways heated apparel can play a part in making your outdoor activities more enjoyable all year long.

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Changing Seasons, Same Layers

Heated clothing is the lightweight, adaptable warm option you need for unpredictable changes in the weather. Think of those early morning hikes where there’s just enough shade to produce a chill, or the cool off after an unexpected thunderstorm. Maybe you’re wondering what to pack for a summer road trip? Your heated winter vest makes a great companion when the sun goes and cold sets in. 

Outdoor enthusiasts everywhere can benefit from packing a pair of heated socks at any time of year. From the east coast to the west, summer nights can cool down dramatically. Even the warmer desert climates can experience temperature drops below freezing,  which make heated socks the perfect companion for nights at the campground.

The Versatility of Heated Glove Liners

Heated glove liners are one of the most versatile heated apparel items you can own. Do you have an early morning tee-time on the golf course? Heated glove liners will take the chill out of your fingers so you can swing without cramped hands. Planning on a chilly evening motorcycle ride in September or to take a long hike on a brisk fall day? Heated glove liners will keep your digits warm under your regular riding gloves for maximum comfort on your cruise.

Whether you’re cheering from the stands on a cold October night or rainy Saturday morning soccer game, your heated glove liners can help make the damp conditions less dreary. Fall gardening has never been more enjoyable with heated glove liners under your gardening gloves, keeping your hands nice and toasty from the cold soil. Need extra warmth? Layer your liners under heated gloves on your early October morning walk, winter cross country skiing, snowmobiling or ice fishing trip.

Gobi Heat® designs heated clothing to be wind and water-resistant so you can wear your gear all year long with or without the heating elements. Our heated apparel offers versatility without ever sacrificing comfort or style and can be utilized all year round.

Find the perfect heated apparel to match your lifestyle today, and visit us to see how others are rocking their heated gear all year long on Facebook, Instagram Twitter, and Pinterest @gobiheat


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