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What Does it Mean to Have Cold Hands with Raynaud's Disease

What Does it Mean to Have Cold Hands with Raynaud's Disease - Gobi Heat

For those living with Raynaud’s disease, the cold weather is anything but a winter wonderland. In fact, it’s not uncommon for those with Raynaud’s disease to experience numbing or cold hands and toes, skin changing color (typically going white, then blue), and either a prickly feeling or stinging pain and swelling when cold hands and toes are warmed up or stress is relieved.

Why Does Raynaud’s Disease Cause Cold Hands and Toes?

With Raynaud’s disease, smaller arteries supplying blood to the skin become narrow, limiting the available blood flow to the affected areas. These are also known as vasospastic attacks. Raynaud’s disease is more common in females than males and in people living in colder climates. Cold weather or exposure to cold is the easiest way to trigger an attack, along with emotional stressors. And while for most people Raynaud’s disease isn’t debilitating, the symptoms are certainly enough to make even the most avid adventurer feel tense about the cold weather months.

That’s where Gobi Heat® comes in.

Prevent Cold Hands & Toes with Gobi Heat® Heated Apparel

Gobi Heat® has the heated apparel individuals living with Raynaud’s disease can benefit greatly from in both the cold winter months and really, all year long. All of our Raynaud’s gloves, hats and base layers come equipped with long lasting rechargeable batteries, three heat settings (low, medium, high, reaching up to 140°F and a one year warranty so your purchase is protected.

The Stealth heated glove liners are a great option for those cold, rainy days that pop up here and there throughout the year. With them, you’ll enjoy toasty warm heat elements that wrap around each fingertip to ensure you won’t get cold hands while running errands, raking the leaves, or doing yardwork. Our collection of heated gloves feature options great for winter sports like skiing or snowshoeing with the kids, and even a pair of leather heated gloves for anyone working in cold, tough conditions outside, like snow blowing, shoveling or construction work.

If keeping your toes warm is also high up on the to-do list, we’ve got you covered. Our Tread heated socks make it easy to keep your toes warm inside your boots for up to twelve hours of battery life on a single, full charge. And with easy wireless remote temperature change, you can change the temperature of your socks from within your jacket pocket. It’s just one of the many features that makes Gobi Heat® heated apparel a great addition to any winter wardrobe.

Shop our entire line of heated apparel today and discover the difference our heated clothing can make in your quality of life and all of your future adventures.


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