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Top Essential Gifts for College Students

Top Essential Gifts for College Students - Gobi Heat

If you’re looking for the best gifts for college students attending schools in colder climates, we’ve got a few great heated clothing gift ideas to keep them warm and cozy from the first class of the week to Friday night’s football game and every activity in between.

5 Super Warm Gifts for College Students

Heated Hoodie

Heated hoodies make one of the best gifts for college students. Not only do heated hoodies look great and can be worn in a number of indoor and outdoor settings, but provide your college attendee with all the extra warmth they need to get up and get to their first morning class of the day when the weather is anything but pleasant.

Heated Vest

When chilly fall nights and sunny winter days call for a bit of extra warmth, a heated vest is the way to go. Heated vests make great gifts for college students since they can be worn as an extra-warm, extra protective layer when walking on campus and easily pack away into their backpacks when they’re no longer needed.

Heated Gloves & Socks

You wouldn’t send them off to school without some warm gloves, so why not send them with the warmest gloves they can get? Heated gloves are the perfect gifts for college students who spend a good portion of their day walking around campus and attending sports games, or exploring local trails on the weekends. Heated socks are an excellent option for these busybodies, too, delivering superb warmth to the toes and feet anytime, anyplace.

Heated Beanie

Everyone needs a nice warm hat, so why not make it the warmest beanie ever?! A heated beanie is a perfect gift for college students. Not only are they always in style, but you know they’ll appreciate that extra cozy warmth to their ears when windy or yucky conditions on campus make an appearance.

Finding useful and appreciated gifts for college students isn’t hard if you know where to look! At Gobi Heat®, we’re dedicated to delivering people of all backgrounds and interests the quality heated apparel they need to best enjoy their time outside. Whether your student spends a majority of their day outdoors or you simply want them to be as warm as possible while they’re off at school, Gobi Heat® has the industry-leading apparel to make them feel right at home. Shop today!