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Theory of Customer Service

Theory of Customer Service - Gobi Heat

Hi there, I’m Jaye, Founder and CEO of Gobi Heat®. I wanted to take some time to write a little about our Theory of Customer Service at Gobi Heat and what I believe makes us different, starting with a short cautionary tale many of us have experienced first hand.

It’s a tale as old as the internet. You find a great deal online and “add to cart” faster than you can blink. You’re rewarded with an online retail therapy high of snagging a great deal while anxiously waiting for it to arrive. But it doesn’t. So, you check your bank account and you really did make that purchase because there it is, the charge for that item. A few more days go by and nothing shows up and you have no email about it shipping so you try to remember what site you were on. Finally, you track it down and look for a phone number to call and….no phone number. There’s an email address and that’s it. You send off an email and cross your fingers.

There are hundreds of ways this story ends, but unfortunately it often ends with the product not showing up or the product being of poor quality, leaving you with a feeling of buyer’s remorse, or worrying about who out there has your bank account information. To make matters worse, there is no one to actually talk to (that you can understand). On to calling your bank and trying to get your money back.

At Gobi Heat®, we believe our number one goal next to creating industry leading heated clothing is providing excellent customer service to match. To this end, we’ve made it our mission to provide the kind of customer service to get you the answers and solutions you need so you can get back to doing what you love in the quality heated apparel you trust.

The Gobi Heat® Difference

  1.  We are a US-owned and USA-based company that operates solely out of Colorado.
  2. All of our Customer Service Representatives work for Gobi Heat®, which means there is no outsourcing of customer service to call centers, foreign or domestic. Every representative you speak to works in the same building with all the other Gobi Heat® employees.
  3. All of Gobi Heat® Customer Service Representatives use Gobi Heat® products and are trained on how to guide you through any questions, giving you the first-hand knowledge you’d expect from an industry leading heated clothing company.
  4. We back our heated apparel with a complementary 1-year warranty. If you have any issues, call (801-228-1948) or email ( our team and we will get you taken care of.
  5. We pay for shipping for exchanges. Pants just a little too loose, hoodie just a little too snug? Exchange it for free so that you have what you truly want. Oh, and shipping to you is free too of course!
  6.  We are here for the long-haul. We believe in producing high quality products and backing those products with excellent customer service. We aim to earn your trust and keep that trust.

I believe that everyone can benefit from heated apparel in one way or another. When purchasing heated apparel, look for a company that has been in business for at least a few years, is USA-owned and operated and puts their customer relationships at the forefront of their business. What you’ll find is a company like Gobi Heat® to deliver you the heated apparel to confidently and comfortably get you back out there doing what you love.