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The Skinny On Heated Glove Liners and Why They Work for Everyone

The Skinny On Heated Glove Liners and Why They Work for Everyone - Gobi Heat

The cold weather months open the doors for fun activities like winter sports, building snowmen and sledding with the kids, winter hiking, winter hunting and more. No matter what your level of enjoyment is for cold weather activities, one thing we can all agree on is that keeping your hands warm is critical to not only enjoying the cold weather, but also preventing unnecessary injury. For these reasons, heated glove liners are a must have for everyone, whether they enjoy the cold weather or not. While everyone may not use heated glove liners for the same activity, they certainly benefit from warm hands in a variety of different activities.

Why Heated Glove Liners Work For...


Winter sports athletes know better than most how important it is to keep muscles warm before a race or competition. Whether you’re training for a marathon or warming up right before a race, heated glove liners help maintain blood flow to your hands so you don’t freeze up without restricting movement or use of fingers.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Outdoor enthusiasts don’t let a little cold weather get in the way of a good time, but they don’t like having cold hands, either. Whether you’re out for a walk with your friends or taking advantage of a snow day with the kids, heated glove liners keep your hands toasty warm for hours on end. For cold, rainy weather or need to be out in the slushy snow, heated gloves are a great extra layer to keep the water out while retaining warmth.


Heated glove liners are a godsend for those of us who rather be on a beach when the snow is falling. For those who go out of their way to stay warm in the winter, the Gobi Heat® stealth heated glove liners were designed for you. With heating elements tracing up and around each finger, you’ll get heat right where you need it to keep out the cold, so close your eyes and pretend you’ve got your hands in the warm sand. Between glove liners, heated jackets and even heated base layers, there is no shortage of options for staying warm in cold weather.

Joint-Related Medical Conditions

Those who suffer from Raynaud's disease know all too well the effects of cold weather has on different parts of the body, like fingers, toes and ears. That’s why heated glove liners are highly recommended for anyone suffering from arthritis or Raynaud’s. Heated glove liners and even heated gloves work to deliver up to 140°F of heat to your fingertips and hands for hours on end, so you can run errands or play with the kids or grandkids without suffering the consequences.

Specialized Outdoor Activities

Whether you’re hunting animals or riding them, heated glove liners make a great addition to your hunting apparel and horse riding gear. While both are very different sports, they both require the shooter or rider to have full control of their hands and fingers for shooting safely and accurately, or holding onto the reins during training or out on a casual ride.

Construction Workers

Construction workers know all too well how quickly work productivity diminishes when the cold sets in. Think about it, how fun can it really be to swing a hammer when you can’t feel your hands? That’s why Gobi Heat® recommends adding heated glove liners to your arsenal of winter work wear. When construction workers or any other type of employee working in the cold have quality heated construction gear, they’re going to do their job more safely and efficiently without unnecessarily suffering from the cold weather.

Heated glove liners are a great gift for anyone in your life, from high school students to the elderly and everyone in between. At Gobi Heat®, we believe everyone deserves to be warm and comfortable all year long. That’s why we’ve created a line of industry leading heated apparel to fit the needs and styles of everyone in your life. Discover the power of Gobi Heat® heated apparel and harness the heat of the desert no matter what the weather throws your way.