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The Essentials for Camping in Cold Weather

The Essentials for Camping in Cold Weather - Gobi Heat

Planning on camping in cold weather? From your head to your toes, having the right camping gear to keep you toasty warm during the bitter cold will be the difference between a good trip and a bad one. So, what exactly are the clothing essentials for camping in cold weather?

Clothing Essentials for Camping in Cold Weather

The clothing you pack for camping in cold weather should be as functional as it is warm. While several layers can definitely help fend off the chills, they certainly don’t make hiking, setting up base or preparing your next meal all that easy. We recommend ditching bulky layers altogether and opting in for lightweight and functional heated clothing to make camping in the cold more enjoyable.

Base Layers

Base layers are a must have for any cold weather camping trip, but heated base layers help keep your core body temperature at a comfortable level with adjustable temperatures so you can always make sure you’re not too hot or too cold as you move from one activity to the next. Additionally heated base layers provide heat to the muscles, reducing the risk of cold weather related injuries.

Wind & Water Resistant Jackets

Camping in the cold can come with a host of weather patterns like rain, snow or whipping winds. Packing a wind and water resistant heated winter jacket will keep you warm dry and comfortable no matter what the weather has in store without the need to pack special equipment or garments. From softshells to puffers and heated parkas, Gobi Heat® has the heated camping gear you want at your beck and call.

Heated Hoodies

Heated hoodies offer a great middle of the road layering option that can be worn on a mild cold weather day or added as an extra layer for extremely cold weather. Gobi Heat® soft and cozy heated hoodies can be worn with or without heating elements engaged for a wide range of comfort options in one garment.

Socks, Gloves & Beanies

Your ears, cheeks, nose, hands and feet contain special blood vessels that control warming and cooling in your body. Exposing these extremities to the cold can lead to a drop in your core body temperature and make for a very long and possibly dangerous trip if your body temperature gets too low. Heated socks, heated beanies and battery operated gloves offer the support of protection and warmth that non-heated gloves, socks and beanies simply can’t touch. And because you can adjust the temperature on all three, you’ll always have perfectly toasty extremities to continue on with your cold weather adventures.

As you plan your packing list and read up on all the latest tips for camping in cold weather, let Gobi Heat® take care of your heating clothing needs. Layer up in lightweight layers that pack a punch with the industry’s best heated apparel and never let the cold stop you from exploring.

Happy Camping!

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