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Hunting Season Must-Haves to Improve Your Hunting Game

Hunting Season Must-Haves to Improve Your Hunting Game - Gobi Heat

Hunting requires patience, discipline, and hard work. For all you put into your hunting season, get more out of it with must-haves that will transform the way you hunt. 

Heated Hunting Clothes

If you’re wondering what the modern hunter is wearing, you’ve come to the right place. Heated hunting clothes are by far one of the best investments you can make for your next hunting season. Heated camo gear will keep you hidden and warm through variable weather conditions and patterns. Gobi Heat® wind, water and abrasion-resistant heated hunting clothes designed with official Mossy Oak® break-up camo patterns will keep you dry, comfortable and provide up to 140° F of heat without the need for bulky layers. Gobi Heat® leads the industry with heated apparel perfect for cold weather hunting, like socks, hats, glove liners, vests, and base layers. Stocking up on other winter accessories like extra battery packs and car chargers will help you stay prepared for your next weekend in the woods.

Warm, Waterproof Boots

Nothing will make you want to call it quits after a short period of time like wet, freezing toes. All-weather, waterproof hunting boots are a worthy investment for a great hunting season. We recommend layering up with the added warmth of the Tread heated socks from Gobi Heat® for a longer and more comfortable hunt when the weather takes a turn.


You wouldn’t purposely make noise when you’ve got your eye on your target, so why take the chance of tipping off the game with your scent?  Cover your trail and kick “blending with the environment” up a notch with scent-killer spray for your boots, weapons, decoys, and other hunting gear. Wash your hunting gear in scent-killing detergent for maximum results this hunting season.

A Great Pair of Binoculars

A great pair of binoculars are vital to your hunting game. While some hunters rely on their rifle scope for magnification, binoculars make long-range scouting a cinch. Pick up on trails and track down game more easily based on what you’re able to see from a distance. Binoculars today are made with a rangefinder, which calculates, almost instantly, the distance of the object in view.

One of the best ways to prepare for your best hunting season yet is by reflecting on your past hunting seasons and learning from what you could have done better. Is there equipment or accessories that would have elevated your hunting game? What tools could have helped you perform better? Learn from your past and make the most of your future hunting seasons with the right tools and must-have equipment. Your best hunting season is just around the bend. 

Happy Hunting!