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Choosing the Right Gear: A Deep Dive Into Hunting Apparel Brands

Choosing the Right Gear: A Deep Dive Into Hunting Apparel Brands - Gobi Heat

Whether you are a hunting novice or an avid hunter, wearing the correct gear is essential.

The best hunting clothes must strike the perfect balance of comfort, concealability, weather-appropriateness, noise control, and safety. From cost-effective choices to premium lines, the range of hunting apparel brands on the market is as diverse as the game you pursue.

Hunting needs have evolved over the years, and the industry has changed with it, continuously innovating to support you in your craft. Nowadays, the best hunting apparel must make you lighter, warmer (or cooler), less detectable, and even insect repellent. These modern innovations aim to increase your comfort in the field, extending your hunting hours and raising your chances of proudly bringing home the prize.

Seasons change, but your determination doesn't have to. From cool Fall morning hunts to brutal winter hunts,  choosing the right hunting gear for your conditions is key. The marketplace is bustling with players offering hunting apparel, but let's be honest — only a few brands genuinely measure up to serious hunters’ standards.

What to Look for in Hunting Gear

Picking the perfect hunting gear is about more than the logo stitched on it. It's about what each piece delivers regarding temperature control, stealth, longevity, and coziness. These four aspects are essential in evaluating your hunting attire's overall value and effectiveness:

  • Temperature Control
  • Stealth
  • Longevity
  • Comfort

Temperature Control

Hunting often throws you into the teeth of harsh weather, so it’s crucial that your hunting apparel steps up with ample insulation. Top-tier hunting gear should shield you from bone-chilling temperatures and have enough breathability to prevent overheating during demanding activities. Gobi Heat specializes in  temperature-controlled hunting gear.


Heated hunting apparel is amazing, but camouflage is at the heart of a successful hunt. The finest hunting apparel brands offer a  variety of hunting camo patterns apt for an array of environments. Whether you're stalking prey in a forest, the desert, or the snow, the appropriate camo can make the difference between a triumphant hunt and a wasted trip.


Hunting is an activity that's rough on your attire. Top-notch hunting gear should match the rigors of diverse hunting environments, and the associated wear and tear. The fabric, stitching, and overall construction of your hunting gear should be robust enough to resist tears, wear, and loss of functionality over time. 


Hunting is often a waiting game, and you might spend hours in your gear, which is why comfort is critical (especially when it comes to your base layers). The ideal hunting attire should provide the flexibility you need for unrestricted movement, fit snugly without being too constrictive, and be gentle against your skin, contributing to your hunting experience rather than detracting from it.

Remember, every hunter has distinct needs, so weighing these four areas against your specific hunting needs is crucial. Consider these key factors when making your selection.


Specialized Hunting Apparel: Gobi Heat Heated Jacket in Camo

Specialization of Hunting Apparel

The term “hunting” encompasses a broad spectrum of activities. Each type of hunting calls for gear tailored to meet the unique demands and challenges each environment presents.

Whether it's deer hunting in the frigid woods, duck hunting in a dew-laden marsh, or dove hunting in a sunlit field, the proper specialized hunting attire can significantly enhance your experience. 

Below is a detailed overview of various types of hunting and the appropriate Gobi apparel for each.

Deer Hunting

Deer hunting typically involves extended periods of motionless waiting in excellent conditions. The  Gobi Heat Sahara Men's Heated Jacket  and the  Shadow Women's Heated Hunting Hoodie make superb options. Their adjustable heat settings ensure you stay comfortable and focused during long hunting sessions.

Duck Hunting

Duck hunting demands warmth and water resistance, as these hunts often occur near bodies of water. 

The  Gobi Heat Shadow Hunting Hoodie, constructed with robust, water-resistant material, delivers the necessary protection. For women, the  Sahara Women’s Heated Hunting Jacket offers similar functionality, guaranteeing comfort and warmth throughout the hunt.

Dove Hunting

Dove hunting, typically in warmer, open environments, requires lighter gear. The  Gobi Heat Crest Heated Beanie and the  Stealth Heated Gloves suit this situation. They provide warmth during the chill of early mornings or late evenings while remaining light enough not to hinder your movement during the daytime.

Casual Hunting

During casual hunting or scouting ventures, comfort reigns supreme. The  Colorado Heated Vest from Gobi Heat, available for both men and women, provides warmth without adding bulk, making it ideal for these circumstances. It's also a fantastic mid-layer under other hunting gear in colder weather.

Top Hunting Clothing Brands

Top Hunting Apparel Brands Compared


Gobi Heat

Gobi Heat’s collection offers enduring apparel that caters to both men and women hunters, equipping them with the finest hunting jackets and clothing for extended hunting trips. 

Enhanced by the Mossy Oak camouflage pattern, our apparel seamlessly integrates with various environments, facilitating your pursuit of game.

Additionally, we've innovatively merged the warmth of desert climates with our apparel offerings. Our distinct focus on heated clothing delivers a unique solution for those seeking comfort during hunting adventures in colder terrains or those aiming to maximize their outdoor experience. We're proud of our products, which stand out due to the high quality, durability, and magnificent blend of technology, style, and functionality that they present.

Our extensive product range, which includes  heated jackets,  gloves,  socks,  blankets, and even  chairs, provides a novel solution to cold-weather hunting. Gobi Heat's items ensure safe and effective heating across three adjustable levels by utilizing cutting-edge conductive threading systems.

Furthermore, our commitment to versatility and advanced battery technology means we offer heated products to cater to various needs. The impressive longevity of our batteries ensures warmth is accessible when you need it most, allowing you the comfort and peace of mind to focus on your hunting or outdoor pursuits. Trust Gobi Heat for a superior, warmth-infused outdoor experience.


Forloh is an emerging brand that caters to outdoor enthusiasts.

They've geared their product line toward those who appreciate time spent in nature, and who enjoy seeking out untouched terrains and unique spots in the wild. As such, their camouflage gear is high-quality in many respects. 

Forloh offers a  clothing line specifically tailored to cold weather endurance, but they don’t feature any battery-powered heated equipment. Additionally, while their Made in America mantra is commendable, it also means their products are typically priced on the higher side. 


It's universally recognized that the correct hunting jacket and pair of hunting pants can help you navigate various weather conditions. Additionally, a sturdy and comfortable pair of hunting boots can play a pivotal role in a successful hunt. SITKA provides quality options to address these needs.

Constructed to endure the harshest hunting conditions, SITKA gear utilizes advanced materials like GORE-TEX®, GORE-TEX INFINIUM with WINDSTOPPER®, Polygiene, and PrimaLoft®. This employment of high-tech materials enables them to provide hunters with effective hunting apparel options to help them stay warm. Compared to other brands, SITKA is generally more expensive though. It also  does not offer heated camouflage gear, which has been found to be the most effective way in helping you stay comfortable in the harshest conditions. 


Trust Gobi Heat’s Hunting Apparel

At Gobi Heat, we've set the standard for the heated clothing industry, consistently innovating to redefine the hunting apparel landscape. Our state-of-the-art conductive threading technology allows for instantaneous heating and customizable warmth, ensuring your ability to adapt effortlessly to the changing environment.

Beyond clothing, we've expanded our innovations to other heated products like the Zen Heated Blanket and Eclipse Heated Hammock. These portable, rechargeable items revolutionize outdoor experiences, providing exceptional warmth and comfort.

In closing, our heated hunting apparel represents a remarkable blend of advanced heating technology, sturdy outdoor-focused design, and an unyielding commitment to quality and safety. Visit our online catalog for your high-quality hunting apparel needs.


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