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Tackle the Chill: How to Stay Warm at a Football Game

Tackle the Chill: How to Stay Warm at a Football Game - Gobi Heat

Attending a live football game signs you up for hours of exhilarating action.

While watching your favorite team play is always fun, adjusting to the weather can sometimes be challenging. You must be prepared to face the elements, whether attending your child’s middle school game, traveling to the Mile High Stadium to cheer on the Denver Broncos, or anything in-between.

Don’t let those chilly winds leave you feeling like an icicle on the bleachers. Here are the best tips for staying warm when attending a football game this season.

Your Playbook to Stay Warm at Football Games

    1. Choose the Right Layers
    2. Clothing and Accessories
    3. Stadium Seating
    4. Eat and Drink the Cold Away

Choose the Right Layers

When you think about your cold weather football game outfits, layering might be the first thing that comes to mind. But while most people understand the need to layer, many don’t know how to do it properly. And when it comes to football, there are going to be certain sports layers that are non-negotiable to your outfit for the day.

Layering is much more than just throwing on every piece of clothing you own though. Learn more about effectively layering your clothes in our How to Be a Super [Warm] Fan at Any Outdoor Sporting Event article. 

Clothing and Accessories

When you start gearing up for football season, there are a few staples you should consider for your wardrobe. These are your bread and butter outfits and accessories that can keep you warmed up and having fun through multiple seasons. 

A  battery powered heated jacket would serve you well, but it's important to wear your Grandpa's vintage windbreaker with your favorite team's logo on it. In this case, opt for a heated base layer, Grandpa's windbreaker, and then these accessories that will help ensure your extremities stay warm:

  • Heated Beanies 
  • Heated Socks
  • Heated Glove Liners

Heated Beanies: Best Headwear for Football Games

Here's a fun, chilly fact: according to a 2008 study, you can lose up to 10% of your body heat through your head.

Now that's a percentage we'd rather not part with, especially on a cold game day. Not to mention exposed ears are prone to frostbite if unchecked. Covering your noggin is crucial, and more than just any covering will do.

Nowadays, hats don’t just need to retain heat (though that is important!); they need to provide heat for your head and ears.

Enter the  Summit Men’s Heated Beanie. This isn't your average winter hat. It's the MVP of heat-retaining headgear. With two heat zones, one over each ear, the Summit ensures you keep your body temperature comfortable for hours.

Gobi Heat Summit Mens Heated Beanie Features and Benefits

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Heated Socks: Keeping Your Feet Warm

We’ve covered your head and core, but most people notice freezing temperatures in their fingers and toes the most.

If you are venturing into bone-chilling weather, wear the appropriate socks. Generally speaking, wool socks are great for freezing environments. You can also purchase  socks with battery-powered heating. 

Wool is excellent at retaining heat and wicking moisture, keeping your feet dry and warm. You can even double up on socks if you expect chilliness or dampness will be an issue.

When doubling up on socks, make sure your socks fit comfortably to  ensure good circulation.

This is important because poor circulation and cold weather are an awful combination.

Heated Glove Liners: Warming Your Hands

Have you ever tried applauding a brilliant touchdown with hands as cold as a snowball? Or fumbling with your hot chocolate because your fingers are just too frozen to function?

With temperatures dropping during football season, keeping your digits warm and functional is vital. Suitable gloves will go a long way in keeping your fingers functioning throughout the game.

The Gobi Heat Stealth Battery-Heated Glove Liners are fantastic for warming your hands. With heating elements wrapped around each fingertip, these glove liners ensure that every part of your hand is warm, from your palms to your pinky fingers.

Gobi Heat Stealth Battery Heated Glove Liners Features and Benefits

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Not only do the glove liners mean more comfortable high-fives and applauding, but they also keep your hands safe. The Stealth Glove Liners offer up to 6 hours of heat to cover an entire game and the post-game celebrations. So say goodbye to numb fingers and hello to toasty handshakes, cheers, and game-day fist pumps.

Stadium Seating 

Beyond your clothes, there are other ways you can stay warm. After all, football stadium bleachers can become highly unpleasant, depending on the temperature. 

If you’re spending time on cold bleachers in the fall and winter months, it may be time to invest in a heated, rechargeable seat.

The Vantage Heated Stadium Seat takes portable heat to the next level. This heated stadium chair features an easy-to-carry handle and pockets for your phone, keys, and other valuables. This battery-powered, portable seat also charges your phone while keeping you warm.

Gobi Heat Vantage Heated Stadium Seat

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Eat and Drink the Cold Away

When keeping warm during those chilly football games, never underestimate the power of a good hot drink or a warm meal. As your heated gear warms you from the outside, think of hot food and beverages as your internal heat source, keeping you toasty from within.

Picture this: It's the third quarter, and the temperature is dipping. You're wrapped up in layers, and your heated gear is doing its job, but something is missing. Enter a steaming cup of hot chocolate or coffee in your  17oz Gobi Heat Insulated Mug, warming your hands as you hold it and sending a heat wave down your insides with every sip. It's like your personal, drinkable fireplace.

Gobi Heat 17oz Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

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In addition to the drinks, warm food is integral to your body's battle against the cold. Have you ever noticed how a hearty soup warms you from head to toe? Or how a hot dog fresh off the grill warms your hands and stomach? Consuming warm food helps increase your core body temperature, making you feel warmer overall.

Eating isn't just about physical warmth. Eating warm food or drinking a hot beverage sends signals to your brain, creating a sense of warmth and comfort that can help you feel warmer, regardless of the temperature.

So, pack some warm food and drinks in your tailgate kit next time you prepare for game day. Pair that with your heated gear, and you'll conquer the cold from all angles. After all, staying warm at a football game is both an outside and an inside job.


As you tailgate before the big playoff game, remember: beating seasonal chills isn’t just about wearing your heaviest winter coat; it’s about intelligent layering and having the right gear.

With your new heated goodies, we bet you'll be more focused on whether your team is heading to the next big game rather than if you're heading toward hypothermia. Ready to feel like you've brought your heaters to the football game? Get them, you toasty football fan!

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