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Here's Why Everyone Should Own Heated Base Layers

Here's Why Everyone Should Own Heated Base Layers - Gobi Heat

No matter what activity you’re doing in the cold, heated base layers are the fast and easy way to get (and stay) warm during your time outside. From senior citizens suffering from arthritis to college students braving the weather on campus and everyone else in between, we’re confident everyone can benefit from owning heated long underwear and base layer tops, and we’ve got a few compelling reasons why.

3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own Heated Long Underwear & Base Layer Tops

1. More Warmth, Less Layers

You know that feeling you get when you suddenly realize you’ve either over or underdressed for the weather? Awful, isn’t it? After all, how much fun can you really have when you’re either shivering in your boots or realize you’ve got way too many layers on? Well, heated long underwear and tops are here to make sure you never over--or underdress again.

Heated long underwear and tops are super lightweight layers packing upwards of 140°F of heat when (and where) you need it most. No need for itchy sweaters, bulky layers, or the dreadful realization that you should’ve forced yourself into another pair of fleece leggings, a pair of heated long underwear and cozy heated top are here to save the day!


2. Personalized Warmth on Command

Possibly the most beautiful thing about heated clothing is its ability to adjust to your preferred temperature with the touch of a button. Gobi Heat® heated base layers, for example, feature a convenient button with three heat settings of low (113°F), medium (131°F), and high (140°F) to deliver hours of heat at your chosen temperature in under one minute. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, heated long underwear and tops give you the heat you need without ever having to get up. That’s pretty incredible!


3. Buy More Time Outside

Spending time outside has been proven to deliver some incredible health benefits, like lowering blood pressure, boosting mental health, decreasing the risk of cancer, and more. So when the late fall and early winter cold weather forces us indoors and away from sunlight, it only makes sense that seasonal depression (known as Seasonal Affective Disorder) rears its ugly head. Whether you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or know all too well the pains of being stuck inside during the cold weather, heated base layers can play an incredibly important part in how you work, play, and enjoy the outdoors during the winter months. If the cold has ever stopped you from getting out there and enjoying your day, you are the perfect candidate for heated base layers (and any other heated clothing, for that matter).

No matter what you like to do outside, do it in style and unparalleled warmth with Gobi Heat® heated baselayers and clothing. Shop today!