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Heated Vests 101: Everything You Need to Know

Heated Vests 101: Everything You Need to Know - Gobi Heat

We all know what it's like to step outside on a chilly fall or cold winter day unprepared: the frigid chill sends us straight back inside. In contrast, stepping outside with the proper winter attire can make even the most freezing winter days tolerable.

Many people turn to heated jackets or heated blankets when they think of heated apparel and accessories. Of course, these are excellent choices for various occasions, but we’re diving deeper into an unsung hero of the heated apparel world: the heated vest!

Heated Vests vs. Heated Jackets: The Great Debate

It is a conundrum: a lightweight heated vest or a toasty heated jacket?

Both are solid choices when the cold weather looms, but let's turn up the heat on this debate and see how they stack up.

The Case for Heated Vests

Comfortable and happy man wearing Gobi Heat Heated Vest outside

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  • Lightweight:  The most notable perk of a heated vest is its slim fit and lightweight design. It's the perfect midlayer under a snug coat or a standalone outer layer on those "chilly but not yet freezing" days.
  • Heating Zones:  With its sleeveless design, the vest focuses its heating panels primarily around the core: think chest and back. These heating zones ensure you stay warm where it counts the most. 
  • Versatility:  No sleeves mean showing off that stylish base layer hoodie or flannel shirt. Plus, for those who prefer options, some come with a  fixed hood or  detachable hood.
  • More Room to Move:  You have full mobility without sleeves. Whether you’re doing yard work or playing with the kids, heated vests for women and men ensure you move without restriction.

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The Case for Heated Jackets

Warm and cozy woman wearing heated jacket by Gobi Heat on a cold winter day
  • Complete Coverage:  A heated jacket isn't holding back. You're getting heated coverage from the tip of your hoodie's hood to the base of your waist. Sleeves add another layer and cover more surface area.
  • All-in-One: No need for multiple layers if you don’t want them. Your jacket can act as both a base layer and an outer layer, simplifying the "What do I wear?" dilemma.

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Common Ground (Because We're All About Unity)

While this article has been a head-to-head matchup, the truth is, Gobi Heat heated jackets and  Gobi Heat heated vests have a ton in common:

  • The Material.  They're often machine washable (always check that label!), crafted with water-resistant materials like nylon or polyester, and feature secure zippers to keep the wind at bay.
  • Heating Functionality.  Most importantly, both items operate thanks to the same dependable technology. Their three main parts include the battery, heating elements, and electrical wires. In other words, both our heated vests and heated jackets function with the same objective: to use these three components to keep your core warm.
  • Replacement Battery Packs: If you’re searching for the best heated vests or jackets, know that both of our products have adjustable heating levels, reliable battery life, trusted reviews, and  replacement battery packs available.

So which should you choose? The heated vest might be your new winter BFF if you want to embrace those arm-free vibes and keep your core cozy. But if you're looking for all-over warmth, the heated jacket has your back (and arms).

Heated Vests FAQ

We get it. Picking out the perfect men’s heated vest or heated vest for women can be like choosing between chocolate and vanilla (or maybe camo and quilted for the more fashion-focused among us).

Before you press that checkout button, we can help you iron out the most common questions that keep curious minds buzzing.

How does a battery-powered heated vest work?

Like their jacket counterparts, heated vests use heating elements or heating panels strategically placed around the core areas. When connected to a battery pack, they generate warmth, enveloping you in a cozy embrace. Gobi Heat’s vests have a durable conductive threading heating system, ensuring longevity and top-notch warmth.

Is there a difference between a women's heated vest and a vest for men?

Apart from the cut and design tailored to different body types, the primary heating system remains consistent. However, styles might differ, and sizing will vary depending on the product you purchase.

How long does the battery life last on a full charge?

Depending on the heat settings you choose and the battery's capacity, many vests can sustain battery life for over 8 hours. Gobi Heat’s heated vest rechargeable batteries last up to 10 hours depending on the temperature setting you choose, making it an ideal choice for those seeking longevity.

Can I machine wash my heated vest?

Absolutely! Many heated vests, including the Gobi Heat Dune Heated Vest, are machine washable. But always, always check the label or manual. For most, you'll want to remove the battery, zip up those zippers, and use a gentle wash cycle. No more fretting over that accidental coffee spill during your morning hustle!

How do the vests fare against rain or snow?

Most heated vests, like their jacket siblings, are made with water-resistant materials. So whether you're caught in a drizzle or a snowball fight, your vest has got you covered and your heating zones protected.

Do I need a special charger for my heated vest's battery pack?

Usually, each vest comes with its compatible charger. While many use standard charging methods, the provided charger is always best to ensure battery longevity and safety.

Where can I buy the best heated vests?

While you can find many foreign-owned brands on Amazon, Gobi Heat offers the value, style and reliability that come with an American-owned and warrantied brand. With Gobi Heat you get the peace of mind knowing you can call them directly and get the support you may need.

Additionally,  our collection is designed with both fast-heat function and fashion in mind, ensuring you feel warm and look cool.

Is a heated vest’s battery bulky and uncomfortable?

Not at all! The battery packs are designed to be lightweight and compact. They fit snugly in a dedicated pocket, ensuring you hardly notice it's there (but you will notice when you’re basking in the delightful warmth!).

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