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Heated Jackets 101: Everything You Need to Know about Heated Jackets

Heated Jackets 101: Everything You Need to Know about Heated Jackets - Gobi Heat

Heated Jackets 101: Everything You Need To Know About Heated Jackets

Are you someone who thrives in colder weather? Whether you’re skiing, hunting, hiking, snowshoeing, or ice fishing, the last thing you want is to still be shivering despite being bundled up in layers. 

Battery-powered heated jackets could solve your fight with Jack Frost and allow you to stay outside longer and more comfortably!

How Do Heated Jackets Work?

Imagine the comforting warmth of a heated blanket, but designed as sleek, stylish outerwear. 

Most heated jackets within the industry are lined with carbon fiber heated wires in specific zones during production, but we are setting a new standard. At Gobi Heat, we line our jackets with a more durable conductive threading, built to last longer through the wash and daily use. The conductive thread also has a higher heat conversion rate than typical copper wiring in most heated jackets.

Our extended line of heated jackets includes a rechargeable battery pack that powers these conductive threads in specific heat zones that keep you warm for up to 10 hours depending on your jacket’s model and heat settings!

Types of Heated Jackets

If you thought heated jackets were just one-size-fits-all, think again. Folks, if you need new apparel for taking on the chilly, frosty air, there is a diverse world of heated jackets out there! Let’s pull back the curtain on the various types of heated jackets so you can decide which type of jacket matches your style and needs. 

Soft Shell Heated Jackets

This is the heated version of your everyday soft shell jacket. Lightweight, water-resistant, and perfect for walking downtown, commuting to work, and participating in outdoor sports.

Heated Parkas

Think of this as your shield against the harshest cold. Packed with heating zones and often accompanied by a fleece lining, this is your best bet for those snowy days.

Heated Vests

Sometimes, you don't need a full jacket; you just need a bit of warmth at the core. Enter the heated vest. Ideal for those seeking core warmth without the bulk, a heated vest is perfect to wear under another winter coat or on its own.

Heated Hoodies 

The perfect mix of casual and warm. These heated hoodies combine the laid-back style you love with extra heat to keep you cozy. 

Specialty Heated Jackets

There is a lot more to choose from than the basic styles.  Camo jackets, for instance, are very popular in  hunting and fishing communities.

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Features To Look For in a Heated Jacket

  • Adjustable Heat Levels: Some days, you want a gentle amount of heat; others might call for more. Look for jackets that let you adjust the heat intensity.
  • Battery Life & Charger: Imagine it’s the 4th quarter of a tied football game and your jacket’s battery fizzles out. For an  outdoor sporting event—or any event—battery life should be the least of your worries. Gobi Heat’s battery features 10+ hours of heated comfort, giving you the peace of mind to focus on what’s important: your team claiming the win!
  • Durability & Quality: Warmth shouldn't come at the cost of durability. Prioritize jackets made of high-quality materials that withstand both the elements and time. And hey, your jacket should exude a sleek appearance, providing you with a sense of luxury when it's worn.
  • Machine Washable: Life happens. Whether it is coffee spills, muddy splashes, or mysterious stains, ensure your jacket can brave the washing machine without losing its lush spirit. 
  • Lightweight: The perfect heated jacket shouldn’t feel like you’re wearing a suit of armor. Look for options that offer heat without the heft.
  • Water and Wind Resistance: Cold weather isn’t the only enemy. Wind and water are also big contributors to discomfort in the elements. Get a windproof and water-resistant jacket and nothing will be able to stop you!
  • Safety Features: Ensure the jacket’s heating elements and heating system are safely designed, with features like auto shut-off to prevent overheating.
  • Warranty & Customer Support: Always opt for brands, like Gobi Heat, that back their products with a warranty and have a stellar customer support team ready to jump in when you need help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve explored heated jackets before or are new to the concept, you likely have many questions running through your head. Here are the most common questions we see:

Are Heated Jackets Safe?

Yes, heated jackets are very safe and provide many  great health benefits. Our jackets feature multiple safety measures to protect the user. We use a 7.4V battery that provides the right amount of power to our heated jackets without overheating. We also offer a one-year warranty on our heated clothing items, giving our customers peace of mind that their purchases are covered.

Are There Any Health Benefits To Wearing a Heated Jacket?

Being cold does not directly make you sick, but your body using energy to stay warm can negatively impact your immune system. With a heated jacket, your body won’t have to use resources to heat you. Instead, your body’s immune system can remain strong and continue fighting off infections. Further, heat improves blood flow to the muscles, decreasing the risk of injury. Athletes who wear heated jackets may experience several benefits, including increased flexibility, increased range of motion, decreased sensitivity, and decreased recovery time.

Are Heated Jackets Warmer Than Down Jackets?

Down jackets trap your body temperature inside the jacket and use your body temperature to keep you warm, so if you are already cold, it will be difficult for your body to heat back up quickly. Meanwhile,  Gobi heated jackets allow you to control your temperature at the push of a button. Our heated jackets will keep you warm no matter what Mother Nature throws your way, and you won't need to layer up to spend hours outside.

How Warm Do Heated Jackets Get?

Once again, that depends on the jacket and the manufacturer's choice of materials. For example, Gobi’s heated jackets on a low heat setting will reach up to 113°F; on a medium setting, they reach around 131°F; on high, they will get as warm as 140°F. The best part about owning a heated jacket is controlling your temperature. If you get too hot, all you have to do is turn the jacket down or even off; if you are too cold, crank up the heat!

Are Heated Jackets Bulky and Heavy?

No! Heated jackets weigh about the same as any standard winter jacket or parka. The  batteries that power the coils are lightweight and compact, so they fit in a pocket and are virtually unnoticeable.

Are Heated Jackets Machine Washable?

Yes, they are, but not all heated clothing is made the same. Make sure to check the washing instructions that come with your heated jacket. Washing a Gobi Heat jacket is done in 5 simple steps:  

  1. Remove the battery from your heated  hoodie,  jacket, or  vest.
  2. Replace the protective cap on your cable.
  3. Place cable back in the pocket and ensure the cable is not pinched.
  4. Zip the battery pocket closed.
  5. Wash on gentle washing and drying cycles or lay flat to dry.

Are Heated Jackets Worth It?

If you love spending time outdoors hunting, partaking in mountain activities, or enjoying a winter day, heated jackets are worth the buy!

Never miss out on doing what you love because of the cold weather. With a quality heated jacket, you have complete freedom over your clothing’s temperature and can stay warm without worrying about carrying extra layers all day! Check out Gobi Heat’s many styles of  heated jackets and find the one best suited for your needs.

What Is the Best Heated Jacket?

The best heated jacket is, of course, the one that works best for you. Many options are available to you, including soft shell jackets, heated vests, heated hoodies, heated parkas, and more. Shop with a reputable brand like Gobi Heat to ensure your product is of the highest quality.

Ready to banish the cold and step out in style? A heated jacket could be your winter game-changer. Whether you're seeking a women's slim-fit design, a camo jacket, or a heated hoodie for laid-back days, there's something for everyone. Don't forget to check out Gobi Heat's exclusive collection and bring home the warmth you deserve!

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