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Heated Gloves & Winter Wear 101

Heated Gloves & Winter Wear 101 - Gobi Heat

When winter rolls around we do all we can to stay warm. While winter coats are great for short periods of time outside, the key to staying outside comfortably in the winter is to insulate your extremities. Did you know most of the heat in your body actually escapes from your head and hands? No matter how much you're heated under clothing, protecting your head and hands is the best way to defend yourself against the cold.

Knowing how to keep your hands warm outside can be tricky during winter. You’ll want enough protection from the elements to keep your fingers dry and warm, but enough flexibility in your gloves to still be able to use all your digits effectively. No need to fear, we have solutions designed for all winter activities that, when paired with some of the best heated hats, are sure to protect against any chill factor.

How Do Heated Gloves Work?

If you live in a region with cold, harsh winters you know the feeling of your hands almost going numb from the cold. Even when wearing a pair of winter gloves you may feel the chill creeping in if they don’t have the best insulation. Freezing hands can take away from the joy of many outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, or winter hiking. Especially when your hands get too cold to be used properly.

Gobi Heat heated gloves attack this problem by combining wind-resistant materials with a heating system that targets each of your fingers to keep them toasty warm. Each of our gloves comes equipped with velcro-fitting straps or cinching bungee strings to ensure you have the tightest fit possible against the wind.

Our line of heated gloves uses a steel fiber heating system that delivers heat throughout the glove in the most efficient and safest way possible. The steel fiber system is built to stand up to the amount of use your heated gloves will get. Typical threaded heating systems wouldn’t withstand the amount of movement and flexing your fingers do on a daily basis. With a steel fiber system, heat is delivered straight to your hand with a durable and long lasting method.

The best feature of our heated gloves is the duration you can use them in the cold. Set them and forget them for the rest of your day as each glove comes equipped with a 7.4V, 2100 Lithium Polymer battery that can deliver heat for up to 6 hours per charge. This long-lasting charge has proven to be great for mountain activities and longer days spent out in the cold.

How Warm Are Heated Gloves?

Winter gloves are only as warm as their material and level of insulation. Fleece, for instance, is not water resistant or tightly woven. This means it is prone to letting cold air through and if it gets wet, it has a tendency to stay wet, exposing your hands to the elements.

Gobi Heat heated gloves give you incredible insulation as they are lined with Thinsulate Lining from 3M, the best thin apparel insulation. The paper-thin insulation that lines all our heated gloves, ensures that the body heat from your hands and fingers stays contained. The outer shell is built with water and wind-resistant nylon and leather blends. A blend of materials chosen specifically for winter use, ensuring that moisture won’t soak through the outer shell onto your skin.

With a heating element, a glove can provide levels of heat beyond just what your body radiates. Our heated gloves come equipped with three customizable heat levels that can raise the temperature from 113° to 140 °F. Powered by a rechargeable battery the heat is delivered to your fingertips instantly!

Incorporating top-of-the-line insulation with water-resistant materials, we’ve aimed to provide gloves that keep your hands warm with or without the heating element running. On particularly cold days, switching on the heating element makes freezing hands a second thought.

Are Heated Gloves Safe?

Just as our hands are susceptible to the cold, they can also be susceptible to heat. But don’t worry, all heated apparel sold at Gobi Heat is completely safe to wear in any condition. Our heated gloves, like heated chairs and apparel, provide the safest level of heat delivery possible thanks to the 7.4V battery. Our lithium ion battery is designed to deliver powerful heat without exceeding a dangerous power level.

But our heated gloves provide more benefits than just toasty hands. For those with arthritis and Raynaud’s syndrome, the cold can exacerbate symptoms and pain. Due to reduced artery size in the hands and extremities, colder weather can create sharp pain in the fingers and toes. Heated gloves (and heated socks) are recommended to be worn to address the pain that colder weather brings.

How to Wash Heated Gloves

You’ll be wearing your gloves often if you are experiencing a cold winter. Whether you are using your gloves for outdoor work, winter activities, or just running daily errands, it’s not unlikely that they will get dirty from the elements. Like all of our products, washing Gobi Heat heated gloves is very simple! Simply remove the rechargeable battery from the pack and throw your gloves in the washing machine with any load. The outside shell and inner lining will be good to go for the next time you need them.

It is important to note that our Drift Work Gloves, designed for those using their hands for rugged outdoor work, feature a leather outer shell. Knowing how to wash heated gloves with leather shells is important. Machine washing these gloves will tarnish the leather, so stick to more typical leather cleaning recommendations like handwashing with soft soap.

What Winter Wear Can be Heated?

Gloves aren’t the only winter accessory we’ve equipped with heated elements for you. Gobi Heat has built a heated version of many winter wear accessories. Providing the best heated hats for you this winter is something we take pride in. Up to 40% of your body heat is lost through your head on a typical day. Take precautions in the winter and suit up with the warmest heated hat in the industry. 

Gobi Heat has also designed a line of heated base layers for adventurers. These ultra-thin layers of protection allow you to stay heated under clothing all day long. Base layers are perfect for skiers and snowboarders alike who will be out on a mountain for long durations. Wool socks are a typical accessory for anyone in a colder climate. Similar to our heated gloves, our heated socks ensure your whole foot and all your toes are heated to the level you like.

Are Heated Gloves Worth It?

If you live in a location with cold winters, investing in a pair of gloves that are built well and will keep your hands warm outside is essential. Not only do our heated gloves provide extra heat through our portable battery, but they are also built with quality in mind. Even without the heating system activated our gloves will keep your hands dry and warm in cold conditions. A pair of gloves that can ensure you are kept toasty every winter is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.