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Does Heated Clothing Really Make a Difference?

Does Heated Clothing Really Make a Difference? - Gobi Heat

When you’re in the market for a new winter jacket and you stumble across heated apparel, you can’t help but ask, “are heated jackets worth it?”


Anyone who owns heated apparel can tell you a heated jacket will give you everything you’d expect from any regular jacket, plus the extra cozy benefits of heat whenever you want it.


From ice, rain, sleet, and snow, right through to the bitter cold, a heated jacket will give you the results you need for working, playing, and adventuring in the cold, and we’ve got 4 benefits of heated jackets to prove it.


Are Heated Jackets Worth It? 4 Benefits of Owning a Heated Jacket


1. The Warmth of Extra Layers, Without the Extra Layers

With a heated jacket, you won’t have to worry about packing on bulky extra layers just to stay warm. A women’s or men’s heated jacket will deliver the extra warmth where and when you need it most. Another advantage of heated jackets is that the warmth you feel is completely within your control, not something you can exactly say for all those “just in case” layers you packed on that you wish you went without halfway through your hiking trip.


2. Surprising Health Benefits

“Are heated jackets worth it if you’re an athlete, or suffer from a medical condition that is exacerbated by the cold?”

Whether you’re an athlete looking to keep your muscles warm or have a medical condition like arthritis that makes operating in cold weather a challenge, a heated jacket can completely change the way you work and play outside. 

A heated jacket will keep your core body warm and protected from the elements so you don’t have to suffer the consequences of a pulled muscle or the cold weather effects on arthritis. The heat supplied by your jacket can help improve your overall performance, like enhanced dexterity, flexibility, and range of motion. 

What’s more, variable levels of heat on command makes it easy to adjust your overall body temperature to the conditions you’re working or training in, keeping you comfortable for the duration of your activity and reducing the chance of freezing or overheating.


3. Designed for the Elements

“Ok, so heated jackets are warm, but are heated jackets worth it when the weather takes a turn?”

Absolutely. Gobi Heat® women’s and men’s heated jackets are designed to be the perfect layer you need to protect you from the elements. A recent comparison of today’s best battery heated jackets showed that the Gobi Heat® Sahara Men’s Heated Jacket outshined the competition in durability and comfort with a wind and water and abrasion-resistant outer shell, an ultra-soft polar fleece inner lining, longer battery run times, a higher degree of available heat (140°F, to be exact) and quick delivery of that heat in 30 seconds or less.

In short, when the weather changes on a dime, your heated jacket will be ready.


4. Hours of Heat = More Time Outside

“Are heated jackets worth it if you don’t spend a lot of time outside?”

Whether you spend a lot of time outside or fancy yourself a nice seat by the fireplace instead, a heated jacket will transform the way everyone interacts with the cold. 

If being cold keeps you indoors, for instance, a heated jacket can make it easy and enjoyable to spend more time outside. If you love to be outside but the weather just wears you down, the hours of glorious heat delivered to your front and back can make spending even more time outside possible. 

All in all, a heated jacket is going to give you the newfound freedom to spend more time outside in the colder weather without worrying about how you’ll stay warm.

Gobi Heat® is your one-stop-shop for the incredible men and women’s heated clothing and jackets designed to transform the way you work and play in the cold. Shop today and discover the many products ready to keep you warm and cozy no matter what the weather has in store!