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Can You Get Sick from Being Cold?

Can You Get Sick from Being Cold? - Gobi Heat

Cold weather months bring on a slew of challenges; keeping warm, staying healthy, and don’t forget about all that shoveling! With all these challenges our bodies must acclimate to, it’s no wonder we’re more likely to get sick during the winter months. Let’s take a look at the age-old question of “can you get sick from being cold?” and the facts behind why you’re actually more likely to come down with something in the winter months

Can You Get Sick from Being Cold?

Can you get sick from being cold? The short answer--not directly. While being cold alone doesn’t make you sick, there are indirect ways cold weather can be held responsible for adversely impacting the body's immune system and cause you to catch something.

Since cold weather forces people into enclosed spaces for longer periods of time, the risk of infection increases. Vanderbilt University Infectious Disease Expert Dr. William Schaffner told viruses tend to live longer in colder temperatures and lower humidity. Plus, with so many people “stuck” indoors together, there is more opportunity to pass around germs and sickness.

The correlation between being cold and catching a cold seems to line up, but when you consider the other environmental factors taking place at the same time, it starts to make sense that cold weather isn’t necessarily to blame. 

If you’re an eternal optimist like me, this is great news! What this means is that being outside in the cold is not only not going to get you sick, it’s also an arguably better alternative to staying indoors where germs, viruses, and illness are swirling around. 

How To Stay Warm In The Cold

Now that you know a cold winter’s day is back on the table, bundle up and enjoy yourself! Gobi Heat® heated clothing makes the perfect cold-weather companion for cold winter walks, playing with the kids, or cheering the kids on at hockey. Heated socks feel amazing on a bad weather day where you’re stuck inside the house, giving you a touch of cozy warmth to your toes. Trust us, you’ll also be glad you have them on a day spent shoveling and sledding. Pack extra winter accessories like heated clothing batteries and car chargers for prolonged periods of time in the cold and never sacrifice fun for warmth again.

Now that you know the cold doesn’t directly make you sick and how to stay warm in the cold, you’re ready to grab the winter months by the horns and make the most out of every snowy day that comes your way.


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