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The Best Camping Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The Best Camping Stocking Stuffer Ideas - Gobi Heat

For the loved ones in your life who enjoy spending time out in Mother Nature, we are helping you curate the perfect stockings full with items that they will actually use! We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best stocking stuffers and gifts for outdoor adventurists, from basic essential camping gear to unique items they likely do not already have.

Heated Camping Apparel

Aside from food and water, there is a third basic need outdoors lovers are always thinking about: warmth. Give your camper the gift of heat by stuffing heated clothing in their stocking this year—it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving! Looking for more than just heated stocking stuffers? Check out our full heated apparel gift guide for even more ideas.

Gobi Heat Crest Women's Heated Beanie


Nobody enjoys having cold ears. However, depending on where your adventure takes you—whether it’s deep in the woods or atop a cliff—sometimes a standard beanie is just not enough. Heated beanies keep your ears shielded from the elements, and, as a bonus, offer ample warmth. Their battery-powered capabilities provide a much appreciated boost, and with three settings these hats will keep you comfortable no matter what the weather forecast is.


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Gobi Heat Stealth II Heated Glove Liners

Glove Liners

Your hands need to stay warm and nimble for cooking fireside meals, maneuvering trekking poles, and so much more. As such, it’s no surprise that a high quality pair of heated glove liners is one of the best stocking stuffers for hikers and campers. These machine-washable heated glove liners are compact and ultralightweight, so they do not take up precious space when backpacking. Plus, because you can layer them, they are extremely versatile and can be utilized any time of the year. From navigating the backcountry to roasting marshmallows over the fire, Gobi’s heated glove liners are a practical gift idea for all outdoors lovers.


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Gobi Heat Tread Heated Socks


Any avid camper will appreciate a luxurious upgrade to the classic sock stocking stuffer. One of the best ways to stay toasty in your tent on brisk nights (aside from having a heated blanket) is to keep your feet dry and bundled up. And what better way to keep your piggies warm than with heated socks? Gobi Heat’s heated socks come with a remote control so you don’t have to wiggle around in your sleeping bag to adjust. Our heated socks also have up to a 12 hour battery life on the low setting to keep you sleeping soundly all through the night.

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Camping Accessories

Don’t overlook the basics when considering stocking stuffer ideas for campers. These thoughtful gadgets are some of the best gifts a camper could hope to find in their stocking!

Compact Camping Gadgets

A camping multi-tool is a necessity for anyone serious about camping outdoors. Multi-tools range widely in functionality, quality, and price, so you are sure to find a multi-tool that will make a great gift for your family member or friend.

Basic headlamps should live on every camping gift guide, as you can never have too many! Wear them on your head while cooking dinner, or hang them from your tent for overhead lighting. Lightweight, reliable, and a great value, headlamps make an excellent addition to any outdoorsy stocking stuffers.


Gobi Heat 6500 mAh battery



As adults, we now know that batteries can actually make great camping stocking stuffers. Whether your friend or family member consistently uses heated products, or they are receiving their first heated camping products for Christmas this year, ensure they can charge their phones and power all their new battery-operated and rechargeable goodies.

A few extra battery packs and chargers ensure your outdoor enthusiast spends minimal downtime between recharges. Go ahead and throw in a package of AAs and 6V lantern batteries for good measure!

Parks Pass & Gift Cards

Know someone who is looking to check some national parks off their bucket list? The America the Beautiful National Park Pass makes an exceptional gift for all nature lovers. While campground fees are excluded, this pass does cover the entrance fees of up to 4 adults to over 2,000 sites across the country, and is valid for 1 year after the month it is issued.

Still feeling stumped, or unsure of what items your loved ones may already own? A Gobi Heat gift card is a foolproof stocking stuffer for any person on your list, and it allows them to shop for their upcoming adventure according to their own preferences.

Supplemental Stocking Stuffer Gifts 

Everyone loves when a smaller gift or stocking stuffer foreshadows another gift. So, why not gift complementary products to go along with your camping and hiking stocking stuffers? 

Gobi Heat Eclipse Heated Hammock

Heated Hammock

A hammock creates a peaceful cocoon that you can utilize both morning and night, so you certainly don’t want to go on a camping trip without one. Heated hammocks are one of the best elevated camping staples, as they create the coziest outdoor oasis whether they are hung at an idyllic waterside campsite or in the backyard. Be warned: you may not hear from your loved one for hours at a time because they’ll be napping in the cozy hammock you gifted them!

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Gobi Heat Terrain Heated Camping Chair 


Heated Camping Chair

No doubt, when you’re in the great outdoors, you need a comfortable place to sit. A heated camping chair not only gives you a sturdy place to rest, but it also provides hours of delightful warmth. Made with self-leveling legs, a solid steel frame, built-in phone charger, and up to 9 hours of heating capacity, Gobi Heat’s Terrain camping chair is functional and durable, yet it remains very lightweight.

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Gobi Heat 614W Core Power Station 


Portable Power Station

A non-bulky power station will make any excursion, whether it’s nearby or far away, more enjoyable. Gobi Heat’s power station has the ability to power up to 10 devices at once, including laptops, projectors, speakers, and more. A device like a power station ensures the campers in your life have a seamless experience from the moment they arrive at their destination to when they’re packing up their belongings and returning home.

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We hope you could gather some inspiration through reading this guide. Make sure to check out our full line of heated camping gear and give the most reused gifts this holiday season!

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