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Your Guide to the Best Heated Blankets for Everyday Use

Your Guide to the Best Heated Blankets for Everyday Use - Gobi Heat

Choosing the right heated blanket is essential for chilly patrons everywhere.

These blankets have undergone revolutionary changes in the past few decades. They were once staples of grandparents’ living rooms as plugged-in electric blankets. Over the years, however, technology has enabled portable, battery-powered blankets.

Gone are the days of unbearably cold football games; portable heated blankets allow you to wrap yourself in the warmth of the desert no matter where you are.

Bundle up! We’re exploring the world of the best electric blankets on the market.

Why You Need a Portable Heated Blanket

Young couple staying warm at a intery and snowy campsite using their Gobi Heat Zen Heated Blanket

Think of countless situations where you’d benefit from wrapping the heat around your body. For instance, a serene camping trip with chilly overnight weather? A battery-powered blanket is the perfect substitute when the firewood runs out.

On the opposite end of the comfort spectrum, you may simply be cold while lounging at home. Blankets with different heat settings and auto shut-off features make their use more versatile—they’re perfect for a cozy night in.

How to Choose the Best Heated Blanket

Now, we know you're warming up (pun intended) to the idea of a portable heated blanket. But how do you pick the best one?

Here are the variables you must remember when navigating options at outlets like Walmart,  Amazon or other  online shopping options:

  • Portability: You're looking for warmth on the go, so make sure it's truly portable. It should be lightweight and easy to pack.
  • Battery Life and Charging: What's a  battery-powered heated blanket if it gives up on you midway through a chilly evening? Ensure it has a good battery life and that  recharging isn't a hassle. Batteries can last anywhere between 2 to 10 hours, so make sure you do your research!
  • Size and Comfort: Sure, it heats up, but does it feel good? Your blanket should be spacious enough to envelop you but snug enough to make you feel cocooned. Plus, it should feel soft, making you want to wrap yourself in it, even without the heat turned on.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Spills happen. Life happens. Ensure your blanket is low maintenance and doesn’t demand a trip to a cleaning specialist every time you drop some hot cocoa on it.
  • Heat Settings and Adjustability: Sometimes, you just want a little warmth; other times, you want the highest setting to make you feel like toast in an oven. Your blanket should let you decide how toasty you want to be.

Remember, much like dating, it's essential to have standards when picking the best heated blanket. Don't settle until you find the one that checks all these boxes. And spoiler alert: we might just know a blanket that fits the bill!

Comparing the Most Popular Heated Blankets

Dive into the battery-powered heated blanket market and you’ll be swamped with options. But not all heated blankets are created equal. Some are great for people on a tight budget and others are worth the price tag because of their longevity, quality, and warranty.

What is most important is you pick the right blanket for you. Here is a comparison of the most popular heated blankets on the market:

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Why the Gobi Heat Zen Blanket Stands Out

There are several reasons Zen separates itself from the pack listed above:

  • Ultra-Portable Coziness: Sized perfectly as a heated throw blanket, it’s lightweight and ideal for any situation. While most heated blankets claim to be portable, Zen walks the talk. No longer confined by the walls of your living room, the Zen blanket is designed to be your comfort companion, whether you’re camping under the stars or simply chilling on your couch. And at 70" x 50", it's the perfect size to wrap yourself in or share with a loved one.
  • Quick Warm-Up: Ever heard of "instant gratification"? With Zen, warmth comes in under 30 seconds. Yes, you read that right! The time flies by much faster than if you huddled up by a space heater, and by the time you’ve taken that first sip of your coffee, the Zen blanket would’ve wrapped you in its cozy embrace.
  • Easy Breezy Cleaning: We get it. Life can be messy. That’s why Zen is designed for easy cleaning. It’s made of high-quality polyester, and it's machine-washable. Spills? Think spot cleaning or a quick wash. Had a little mishap with your marshmallow-filled hot cocoa? No sweat. Unplug, remove the battery, and toss it in your washing machine. It’ll come out as fresh as a daisy, ready for your next adventure.
  • Versatility at Its Best: Whether you’re preparing to cheer for your favorite team in a chilly parking lot, snuggling by the fireside at a campsite, or just lounging at home, Zen is your go-to heated blanket. It features 3 distinct power options: 20,000mAh, 12V hour battery that is included, a direct plug in to an AC outlet, or a 12V vehicle plug-in. It also comes with a carrying bag, making it easy to transport and maintain. 
  • Control in Your Hands: Zen ensures you're in charge with temperature settings and heat levels. The control is at your fingertips, whether you prefer a gentle warmth or want to crank up the heat.
  • Added Benefits: Different blankets have different features. For instance, some include automatic shut-off options to prevent overheating. The Zen Portable Heated blanket features industry-leading battery life even though the battery is smaller and more portable than competitors. Be sure to explore all the added benefits before making your decision! 

In short, while other heated blankets promise warmth, Zen delivers warmth, comfort, style, and so much more. It’s not just another heated blanket; it's an experience. So, whether you're up for a mountaintop sunrise or a cozy night in, remember, Zen’s got your back... and front, and sides!

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