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Benefits of Heated Jackets

Benefits of Heated Jackets - Gobi Heat

Imagine you are sitting outside in the late fall watching your son or daughter play soccer. They are running around, keeping their body temperature high while you are on the sideline freezing your butt off, trying to stay warm and present. As a spectator, you don't want to be left shivering on the sidelines. With a heated jacket, you wouldn't have to worry about getting warm or overheating. You can show up to the game with your jacket on the highest level and leave with it turned off. The whole time warm and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy the game your little one is playing. Without a heated jacket, you could be stuck with layer after layer, limiting your flexibility. As you shed more and more layers, you'll have to drag them around with you for the rest of the game. With a heated jacket, all you need is one garment for every temperature.

So you are looking for a new jacket this winter and have no clue where to start. There are so many brands and styles to choose from that all offer different features. Heavy overcoats to stay warm in freezing temperatures and slick windbreakers for increased mobility. Heated jackets can provide the best of both worlds! With industry-leading technology and design, learn why a heated jacket could solve all your needs this winter season.

Internal Heating System

Often, when you are out in the cold, body temperature alone isn't enough to stay warm. Regular jackets trap your body temperature inside to keep you warm. It will take you a while to heat up if you are already cold, even with the warmest coat. Meanwhile, heated jackets can reach 140°F in a matter of minutes. Since the internal heating mechanisms are also adjustable, a heated jacket will allow you to control your temperature in even the harshest conditions. Wearing a heated jacket is the best way to regulate your body temperature; too cold, turn the jacket up, too hot, turn the jacket down, or even off. Heated jackets are made with a conductive thread placed between the top layer and the down layer. These conductive threads are powered by a small lithium battery placed in a pocket on the jacket. One charge can last a wearer up to nine hours on the lowest heat setting, which will be 113°F.

Say Goodbye to Layers

The best part of having a battery-powered jacket means you won't have to bundle up anymore. Say goodbye to carrying around unused layers when you are already warm. With heated jackets, all you do is turn down the heat if you get too warm!

What are the Potential Health Benefits of a Heated Jacket?

Keeping warm can help you stay healthy as well as comfortable. When your body is cold it uses a lot of energy to try and warm itself up, making your immune system weaker as a result. Wearing heated clothing keeps your immune system healthy, as your body can save energy needed to fight off a cold or flu.

Other health benefits of wearing heated clothing include

  • Increased circulation
  • Decreased stiffness
  • Decreased sensitivity in extremities
  • Improved flexibility in low temperatures
  • Increased muscle performance

Improved Flexibility with Heated Jackets

When going outside to hunt, fish, ski, hike, snowshoe, or snowboard, you want to be able to do those things when you are at your best. All of these activities require your whole body, but as the temperature drops, your level of flexibility and mobility decreases as well. Wearing a heated jacket can prevent these things from happening, so you can perform at your best while doing your favorite activities.

More Enjoyable Experience

Everyone knows that the feeling of calling it quits before you want to because of the cold. With a heated jacket, you can ensure you will be warm no matter what the condition is. When you go out to do your favorite activities, you want to have an enjoyable experience, and staying comfortable and warm allows you to stay out longer in the great outdoors.

Reduced Bulk

No matter what your outdoor activity is, you don't want to be bulky when you are doing it. Heated jackets allow you to bring only one layer, as you can adjust the temperature to your liking. Having fewer layers allows you to pack more essentials for whatever adventure you may be on.

Reduced Chance of Frostbite

When not adequately dressed for the outdoors, your chances of getting frostbite increase dramatically. Heated clothing, such as heated jackets, is an easy way to combat the risks of getting frostbite.

Battery Life

A battery-powered heated jacket allows you to stay outside for up to 9 hours on the lowest heat setting for one charge. If you have a spare battery, you can switch it out and stay out for longer. The battery also comes with a USB port, so if one of your other electrical devices is low on battery life, you can plug it into the jacket battery and charge it up. Check out Gobi Heat’s Battery Guide for more information!


Part of staying warm is staying dry. Heated jackets are made of polyester primarily. Although synthetic, polyester is light, breathable, and, most notably, water-resistant. Polyester is also a fantastic insulator. The better insulated you are, the fewer layers you have to wear. Good insulation also retains the heat from the conductive thread inside the jacket so that you stay warm.

Washing your Jacket

You wash a heated jacket the same way you wash a regular jacket. The only difference is that you have to unplug the battery from your jacket before washing it. Other than that, it is entirely the same. 


Wearing a heated jacket allows you to regulate your temperature. Most heated jackets can get as warm as 110°F to 141°F. While you may not want to have your jacket on the highest setting at all times, it is comforting to know that if you are in any extreme weather, your jacket will still be able to keep you nice and warm. This can be especially helpful for winter athletes who may be out all day and face varying temperatures during their time outdoors.

Take the Next Step in Warmth

Heated jackets have a variety of benefits for the user. They allow you to regulate your body temperature, allowing you to stay outside longer, participating in the activities you love. Gobi Heat offers heated jackets in many different styles. Find a perfect fit for your winter activity of choice and never worry about getting the chills again!