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7 Cold Weather Golf Gear Essentials

7 Cold Weather Golf Gear Essentials - Gobi Heat

Golfing in the cold isn’t for the faint of heart, but true golf fanatics will find any way to hit the links, even if chilly or untimely weather is par for the course. What you wear golfing in colder weather will have a major impact on your performance, safety, and ultimately, how much fun you have. Today, we’ll walk you through the 7 cold-weather golf gear must-haves that make golfing in the cold a worthy endeavor.

7 Cold Weather Golf Gear Must-Haves

The DIY Golfer suggests when playing in the cold, you should actively be aware of how cold you are, and that regardless of how many layers you wear, being cold is a reality you just have to live with. We beg to differ.

When you’re golfing in variable weather conditions like wind, rain, or snow showers, the cold weather golf gear you’re wearing is going to be your best (and only) protection against the elements. Wind and water-resistant heated clothing will keep you warm and protected from the elements, reduce the chance of cold weather-related injuries, and keep your muscles warm and ready to swing so you can focus less on how cold you are and more on improving your game. 

Now that’s cold weather golf gear any golfer will approve of!


1.Heated Jacket

The best cold weather golf gear should be lightweight enough to not affect your golf swing, but warm enough to actually make a difference. A wind and water-resistant heated jacket is the first of our cold weather golf gear must-haves, offering the easiest way to keep your arms and core warm and protected from the elements during your time on the course.


2. Heated Hoodie

If you’re expecting a chilly day free from rain, wind, or snow, a heated hoodie might be the perfect cold weather golf gear item to take along. Heated hoodies combine the perfect mix of comfort, style, and personalized warmth on command for your most comfortable golf game ever.


3. Heated Vest

Every golfer has their personal preferences, from clothing to equipment. If you’re a golfer who cannot stand the thought of sleeves getting in the way of your swing but still require the best cold weather golf gear to keep you warm, the heated vest is for you. Heated vests are a packable cold weather golf gear must-have for keeping your core warm without sacrificing range of motion.


4. Heated Base Layers

Heated base layers make it easy to get the warmth your upper body and legs need without the bulky feel of over-layering. The beauty of heated base layers is that you can adjust the heat delivered to your upper body and legs throughout the course, so you’re never too hot and definitely never too cold.


5. Heated Gloves

Without the right cold weather golf gear, golfing 18 holes in the cold will no doubt seem more like a punishment than a reward. With all that time spent walking and standing around, it’s crucial to keep your hands warm and ready to swing. Heated gloves are the easiest way to keep your hands warm, ready, and comfortable throughout the course.


6. Heated Socks

Whether you’re walking the course or riding around in a caddy, there’s no getting around the fact that you’ll need to walk through wet and possibly frozen grounds. Walking on the cold ground for hours on end can wreak havoc on your feet and really put a damper on the good time you could be having. For this reason, we can’t recommend heated socks enough. Heated socks will deliver the much-needed and appreciated heat your toes and feet need for an even more enjoyable outing.


7. Extra Batteries

The best heated cold weather golf gear will be easily rechargeable so you can get the heat you need when you need it most. For this reason, our number seven must-have cold weather golf gear equipment is extra batteries. Bringing along an extra battery for your heated golf apparel will guarantee you stay warm from hole 1 to drinks on the patio.

At Gobi Heat® you’ll find the industry-leading cold weather golf gear to take your regular golf season into the cold weather months without slowing down. Shop today and discover the heated apparel products designed to transform the way you work, play, and golf in the cold.