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7 Cold Weather Camping Tips

7 Cold Weather Camping Tips - Gobi Heat

Planning on camping in cold weather? Camp like a pro with these cold-weather camping tips and tricks to keep you warm and cozy while you enjoy all nature has to offer.

Cold Weather Camping Tips

Check The Weather

This seems like one of the obvious cold weather camping tips, but it’s important! Camping in a mix of wintry conditions will be a much different experience than just strictly cold winds. Knowing what conditions to expect will allow you to pack based on your exact needs without risking underpacking for variable conditions.

Wear The Right Clothes claims that one of the best cold weather camping tips is to wear the right clothes for sleeping in cold temps. So, what exactly is the right cold-weather camping gear? Base layers made from synthetic fabrics, wool layers, warm socks, and fingered gloves. Avoid clothing that could make you too warm, causing you to sweat. 

Heated apparel is a fantastic way to get toasty warm quickly. Heated apparel can be worn without heating elements engaged, or activated in under 30 seconds to keep your body warm. If you start to feel yourself warming up, simply turn down/off the heating elements to prevent sweating.

Don’t Skimp On The Tent

Your tent is your temporary home and is not the place you want to skimp on quality. Do your research, read reviews, and choose a 4-season tent designed to withstand variable weather conditions. You’ll thank us later.

Forget The Air Mattress

Since the air inside an air mattress will turn cold during cold weather camping, we recommend an insulated ground pad that will trap in your body heat and keep you warm and cozy.

Pack Extra (Quality) Batteries

Fun fact! Cold weather can weaken the performance of batteries. Be sure to pack and store extra batteries in a warm, dry place. While cheap batteries might work for everyday use, we recommend taking a more reliable option with you on your trip. For your heated apparel, stock up on winter heating accessories like car adapters and extra battery packs to extend the life of your heated apparel.

Warm Water Bottle Trick

A classic cold-weather camping tip is to pour boiled hot water into a reusable water bottle and place it in your sleeping back 20-ish minutes before going to sleep for a cozy warm sleeping bag. Speaking of sleeping bags…

Use a Water Repellant Sleeping Bag

Don’t let variable conditions leave your camping gear wet and cold and jeopardize your sleep. A synthetic or water-resistant sleeping bag will stay dry longer than traditional down sleeping bags.

Even in the cold, nature has a lot to offer. Conquer cold weather camping and become one with nature any time of year with the right tips, tricks and cold weather gear.

Happy Camping!

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