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6 Reasons Why Heated Outdoor Chairs are an Essential Cold-Weather Item

6 Reasons Why Heated Outdoor Chairs are an Essential Cold-Weather Item - Gobi Heat

Heated outdoor camping chairs have the power to make even the most dreary-weathered, soccer game-watching, sideling-sitting, cold-weather camping trip instantly more enjoyable. Delivering hours of heat to your backside and seat, a heated camping chair will keep you warm and cozy while you take a load off. Still not convinced? We’ve got several more reasons why adding a heated camping chair will make any outdoor event better.

6 Reasons Heated Outdoor Chairs are an Essential Cold-Weather Item

You Can Take Them Virtually Anywhere

Whether it's a Saturday morning soccer game, tailgating at the stadium, or camping in the mountains for the weekend, heated camping chairs are lightweight and portable, making them a hassle-free tagalong on any trip.

They Deliver Warmth On Command

Sometimes you just need a little (or a lot of) extra warmth to really enjoy your time outside and ultimately, keep your muscles from freezing up. A heated outdoor chair will do just that! A Gobi Heat® heated outdoor chair will deliver up to 130°F, or nine hours of continuous warmth on a fully charged battery. Pair that with our industry-leading heated clothing and you’ll be warmer than you ever thought possible.

They Eliminate the Need For Extra Layers

Bye-bye bulk! With a heated outdoor chair, you won't need to dress in extra layers or dirty your good blankets trying to keep your core warm. We’ve got two toasty warm heating zones that will take care of that for you! This is especially helpful when you’re camping and don’t want to pack more than you need. Just sit back, relax and soak in all of that glorious warmth radiating through your chair.

You’ll Enjoy Various Heat Settings for a More Personalized Experience

Speaking of extra warmth, our heated outdoor chair has three different heat settings (low, medium, and high), giving you a personalized experience of how much (or how little) heat you want delivered to your backside.

They Can Charge Your Phone!

Some heated outdoor chair batteries double as charging ports for your mobile phone. That means you can keep your backside warm and your phone fully charged when there's no outlet around. Can your traditional camping chair do that?

They Can Curb the Painful Effects of Arthritis

If you or a loved one suffers from arthritis (especially in the spine or hips) a heated outdoor chair is an absolute game-changer. Applying heat is one of the easiest ways to reduce arthritic inflammation and ease the pain and stiffness it causes, helping you or your loved one enjoy more cold-weather events.

Whether you’re looking for the warmest products to make cold-weather campus life more enjoyable for your grad student or simply want a heated outdoor chair for yourself, Gobi Heat® is your one-stop-shop for the heated chairs and cold-weather gear the whole family will love. Avid campers will appreciate our cold-weather camping tips and ultra-warm, cold-weather camping gear, while the construction worker in your life will thank his lucky stars you found him such incredibly warm heated work clothes. Shop all of Gobi Heat® products today and elevate the way you work and play in the cold.


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