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5 Things Any Outdoor Enthusiast Should Have On Standby

5 Things Any Outdoor Enthusiast Should Have On Standby - Gobi Heat

An outdoor enthusiast is any person that loves to get lost (figuratively, of course) in nature. Any time, any place, any weather, they’re game. Gobi Heat® heated apparel is built for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere to get out there and do more of what they love, without letting the cold get in the way. Here are five things any outdoor enthusiast should have on standby to elevate all future adventures.

Must-Have Apparel For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Gobi Heat Mens Base Layer Pants Black

Heated Clothing

Heated clothing can be used at any time of year. Whether you’re into chilly early morning hikes or spending a day out on the lake ice fishing, you’ll benefit from having battery-powered heated clothing ready to go for any unpredictable change in the weather. Gobi Heat® has everything outdoor enthusiasts need to make the most of their adventures without letting the cold get in the way. Enjoy battery-operated base layers, sweatshirts, winter sports jackets, hunting gear, heated accessories, and more!

Heated Vest

Heated vests are the perfect middle-ground for restriction-free movement while keeping your core warm. Chilly morning at the campground? Gobi Heat® heated vests are wind and waterproof and deliver up to 140° of instant heat for hours. Move-in comfort and confidence knowing you can turn up the heat in a packable vest whenever Mother Nature decides to throw a curveball.

Heated Gloves

There’s nothing worse than trying to work or play with frozen hands, and anyone suffering from arthritis knows how debilitating the cold can be. Outdoor enthusiasts, you owe it to yourself to keep your digits warm for hours while you hike, hunt, ride and play with Gobi Heat® battery powered heated gloves.


Heated Socks

Much like frozen fingers, cold toes can really ruin a good time. Heated socks are the simple solution to making sure a great day can carry into a great night no matter what cold weather adventure you’re on.


Heated Camo Jacket

Gobi Heat® heated camo jackets are the ideal jackets for any hunter. Make the hours of sitting and waiting more enjoyable with a wind and water-resistant jacket delivering up to 140° of instant heat for hours on end. Blend in with your environment in Mossy Oak® break up pattern.

Harness the heat of the desert and enjoy all Mother Nature has to offer. Gobi Heat® heated apparel has the industry-leading products and best gifts all outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy for years to come. 

Happy exploring!


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