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5 Must Haves to Make Cold Weather Campus Life More Comfortable

5 Must Haves to Make Cold Weather Campus Life More Comfortable - Gobi Heat

Are you a parent sending your kid off to college to one of the coldest colleges in the country? Or will you personally be attending college in a cold state? Don't wait until you arrive at your destination to think about what clothes to bring to college to stay warm. Whether it’s walking to an early-morning class in the snow or sitting through a freezing cold football game to cheer on your friends, here is what to bring to college.

1. A Heated Jacket

Finding a warm winter jacket that is also lightweight, breathable, and water-resistant is no easy task. Fortunately, with a heated jacket, you get the best of both worlds. Designed with quality material, Gobi Heat® offers heated jackets that combine warmth and style. Available for men and women, strolling your college campus on a chilly morning just got way more comfortable. Plus, because of the durable material, your heated jacket is perfect for weekend adventures too (once your homework is done, of course). Definitely put it on your list of what clothes to bring to college.

2. A Heated Hoodie

A heated hoodie is a necessity in every college kid’s wardrobe. Hoodies are the perfect piece of clothing to wear when it's cold but not quite cold enough for your jacket. Gobi Heat® hoodies are made with an ultra-soft and durable cotton-polyester blend and fleece lining. It’s so warm and comfortable you may forget to take it off.

3. A Heated Vest

Designed to protect your core, a heated vest should definitely be on your list of what to bring to college. Vests provide more warmth than most people realize. Be sure to choose one with a durable wind-resistant, lightweight nylon shell so wind-chill doesn’t get the best of you.

4. A Heated Beanie

Choosing what beanie to wear when leaving the house (and what to bring to college) just got a lot easier. A Gobi Heat® heated beanie will replace every hat you own. Made with a steel fiber heating technology, this heated beanie will ensure your noggin stays warm when walking between classes.

5. Heated Gloves

Even the thickest regular gloves may not stand up to the cold weather at your college. And you need your hands to be in tip-top shape for all of your homework, so get a pair of Gobi Heat® heated gloves. Constructed with a water-resistant, leather-nylon material, they provide the warmth and comfort you need for your hands to stay protected in the cold. 

Now You Know What to Bring to College

Deciding what clothes to bring to college can be tough, especially if you or your kid is headed off to learn in a winter wonderland. But now you don’t have to worry about what to bring to college. With heated apparel for every occasion, cold weather campus life just got more comfortable with Gobi Heat®.