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5 Heated Clothing Items to Combat Cold Weather Effects on Arthritis

5 Heated Clothing Items to Combat Cold Weather Effects on Arthritis - Gobi Heat

While there are so many wonderful things that pair well with cold weather (sitting fireside with a hot cup of cocoa, anyone?), arthritis is not one of them. Those suffering with arthritis and other joint related issues know all too well that arthritis and cold weather don’t get along. So, what can arthritis sufferers do to enjoy the cold weather while keeping pain and flare-ups at bay? For starters, they can layer up in the 5 heated clothing items designed to combat cold weather.

5 Heated Clothing for Arthritis and Cold Weather

Wearing the right heated clothing and cold weather gear can bring peace between arthritis and cold weather, making it easier to get up, get out and get back to what you love no matter what the thermostat says. Here are 5 of our favorite cold weather items to combat the cold weather effects on arthritis.

Heated Base Layers

One of the easiest ways to stay warm whether you’re inside or out is with heated base layers. Designed to be worn under clothing, heated base layers deliver up to 8 hours of warmth with four heating zones in both top and bottom, keeping your front and backside warm for hours and lessening the chance for the cold to affect your muscles and joints.

Heated Gloves

Everyone needs a great pair of gloves in the winter months, so why not get some that deliver up to 140°F to your fingers and hands? 

Whether you’re just learning the effects of arthritis and cold weather or you’re well aware of what helps arthritis in hands, Gobi Heat® heated gloves offer an additional aid to help you get through those bitter cold days and lessen the hand pain, stiffness and swelling you experience. We carry a selection of heated glove liners, every day heated gloves and water resistant genuine leather work gloves for those cold days on the jobsite or snow blowing the driveway.

Heated Socks

Many people can attest to the fact that fingers, hands and feet are often the areas of the body that tend to get cold the fastest. That’s why we recommend wearing heated socks to combat the effects of arthritis and cold weather. Heated socks can be worn anytime, anyplace. Plus, Gobi Heat® heated socks are controlled with a small remote you can keep in your pocket or purse, so you can set your temperature without hassle. Focused heating zones beneath the toes allow heat to rise throughout your boot or shoe and keeps your toes and feet warm for hours up to 12 hours, which means you can get up and go without ever worrying about your feet and toes getting cold.

Heated Jackets

Everyone knows a great winter jacket is a must have winter apparel item, so why not make it powerful? Gobi Heat® line of heated jackets fit all needs and styles while combating the effects cold weather has on arthritis. From light jackets like the Sahara heated shell, soft and cozy heated puffers in short and long lengths, heated work jackets and even heated jackets to add to your hunting apparel or camping gear collection, Gobi Heat® designs our heated jackets to keep you as warm as you want to be when it matters. All of our jackets are wind and water resistant so you’ll keep the cold out while front and back heating zones work like a charm to maintain your body heat, keeping muscles and joints running like a well-oiled machine.

Heated Vests

So, what do you do when the weather doesn’t exactly call for a winter jacket, but you still want to keep warm if the temperature dips? You wear a heated vest, of course! Heated vests are a fantastic way to keep your core body warm and cozy without having to wear bulky layers or overdress. Our Dune heated vest features 3-zones of toasty warm heating power in the front and back so you’ll never worry about catching a chill when you’re working around the house or in and out for the day.

While dealing with the effects of arthritis and cold weather isn’t exactly fun, it certainly is manageable. With heated apparel and cold weather gear from Gobi Heat® you’ll stay warmer and feel better for hours on end with the safe and effective heating apparel items designed to help you power through the winter without arthritis holding you back. Plus, all of Gobi Heat® heated apparel is machine washable and comes with rechargeable batteries, which means you can clean up, charge up and go all from the comfort of home. Worried about how your apparel will hold up on a long trip? Our heated accessories and extra batteries make a great addition to your new heated apparel lineup so you charge up and go on your own time. Try any one of Gobi Heat® cold weather gear items this winter and discover the difference our heated apparel can make in your life.