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5 Health Benefits to Wearing Heated Apparel

5 Health Benefits to Wearing Heated Apparel - Gobi Heat

Who doesn’t love sipping warm cider on a chilly autumn day, or cozying up by the fire while the blistering winter winds whip outside? As humans, we have an intrinsic desire to find warmth and shelter when temperatures dip down to unpleasable degrees. For centuries we’ve bundled up in any warm layer we could for survival. Thanks to today’s modern luxuries like heated apparel, not only is staying warm a cinch, but also improves several health and performance benefits outdoor enthusiasts and winter sports athletes anywhere can appreciate.

Before we dive into the benefits to wearing heated apparel, let’s briefly discuss the age-old question many of us have asked at some point in our lives: does being cold make you sick?

Does Being Cold Make You Sick?

Common symptoms that indicate your body is cold include shivering, stiffness and goosebumps. Contrary to popular belief, drops in temperature and the symptoms your body experiences from it are not a direct cause of getting sick. Instead, the cold can indirectly make you sick, like confining to indoor spaces where there is an increased risk of infection to escape cold temperatures.

5 Health Benefits to Wearing Heated Apparel

Now that we’ve answered “does being cold make you sick?” let’s dive into the health benefits of wearing heated apparel.

Improved Overall Performance

Improved dexterity, flexibility and range of motion are just a few of the improved performance benefits that come along with wearing heated apparel. When your body becomes cold it can be extremely difficult to focus on anything else, decreasing performance you would otherwise have in warmer climates. Heated apparel like heated beanies can fend off cold winds and help maintain focus while managing to keep your body temperature from dropping so low that you experience shivering, stiffness or goosebumps.

Easily Adjust Body Temperature to Changing Temperatures

Heated clothing offers an advantage regular clothing does not: variable heat settings to maintain a healthy body temperature. In climates with ever-changing daily temperatures, heated apparel is a no brainer. Heated apparel lets you adjust your own temperature on the go so you’re always in the perfect layer to keep you from overheating or getting too cold.

Less Prone To Injury

Heat not only improves blood flow to your muscles, but also prevents injury by loosening your joints. It goes without saying then, that heated apparel helps keep your muscles and joints working properly, becoming less prone to injury.  A heated jacket, for example, works to keep your entire upper body warm and increases blood flow to the muscles.

Fend off Aches & Pains

Anyone who lives with arthritis or an aging body knows how the cold can quickly turn a good day into a bad one. For this reason, heated socks, heated gloves, and even a heated vest are great options for anyone looking to fend off aches and pains instigated by the cold. Heated socks and gloves work to keep your digits warm and fully mobile. A heated vest will kick the cold to the curb whether you’re outside raking the leaves or inside on a cold dreary day.

Enjoy More Fresh Air

A little fresh air goes a long way for our mental and physical health. Heated clothing gives you the insulated warmth you need to fend off the cold, which means you can go out and stay out longer, decreasing the amount of time you spend indoors where it’s easy to pick up unwanted germs or illnesses.

No matter where you’re headed, be sure to have the right heated apparel to keep you warm and healthy. Gobi Heat® has the perfect layers to fend off the cold so you can get out there and do what you love in any temperature.


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